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Conduite de Projet en Génomique (CPG)


Fiche contact

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The platform staff carry out the project management, the production of library and hight throughput sequencing (MiSeq-Illumina, MiNION in development) from your samples.

To submit a project or for any more detailed information (first contact), we ak you to complete a "Contact form" (contact, contact detail, information about the project) and send it us at and


Wich users ?

Genomer platform is open at the Biogenouest scientific community , and, more broadly, at french and foreign academic laboratories 

The applications offered by the platform are:

- Library preparation and sequencing on MiSeq-Illumina sequencer

- Sequencing of microbial genomes

- Amplicons...

- Sequencing of library ready to load.


Analysis of sequencing requests filed with the platform and quotation, biling payment:

After analysis of the « Contact form » completed and discussion withthe user, the feasibility of the project is examined by the Genomer platform team.

When the project is sufficiently completed and clearly defined, a engagment form Conduct of Genomics Project (CPG) and a quotation are edited. The project begins upon receipt of the documents (signed commitment form and order form).

If a request cannot be taken care of (machine occupancy calendar, developments not carried out, etc.), the platform can propose that the sequencing project be taken care of by another Biogenouest Génomique platform.


Data produced, making available, confidentility:

Data is made available to the project manager. After rendering the results, the data is securely stored for two months.

An annual activity report shows the projects carried out (title) and indicates the project managers (name).

The Genomer platform provides the user with equipment: Equipment Provision (MAD)

Some equipment requires authorization before use. The platform staff train and support the users so that they are autonomous on the equipment. Examples: qualitative and quantitative verification of samples (Bioanalyzer, Qubit, Labchip GXt, Nanoquant), preparation of libraries before MiSeq sequencing, preparation of samples before Sanger sequencing. The platform reserves the right to review a user's authorization in  case of major modifications to the equipment or non-use of the equipment for an extended period.

The online equipment reservation tool is GRR: Resource Management and Reservation, accessible on the platform's website. Only people with a SBR address have access to it ( All platform equipment is subject to a reservation. Reservation of equipment is compulsory and must comply with the actual time of use of the equipment. In case of improper booking, platform staff can modify the reservation and impose schedules to allow other users to use the equipment.

A procedure and / or instructions for using the equipment are made available to users. The user can ask to the staff of the platform if he encounters difficulties in using the equipment. The platform is committed to the proper functioning of self-service equipment, provided that the user respects the operating procedure in force.

The proper functioning of self-service equipment depends on respect with the operating instructions and the care taken in their maintenance. Any repair or replacement due to any deterioration of the equipment resulting from an error or non-respect of the rules is the responsibility of the unit or the user organisation responsible for the degradation.

List of equipments MAD : see Equipment section