Created 20/12/2017 Updated 27/03/2024

The AJC (Association des Jeunes Chercheurs, or in English the Young Researchers Association) gathers students, PhD students, post-doctoral fellows, engineers and other young researchers of the Biological Station of Roscoff.

Its main objective is to build a social, scientific and technical network among its members. It does so by:

  • organizing doctoral training in Roscoff
  • financially supporting the mobility of young researchers (2 grants to participate in a conference abroad)
  • organizing the JJC (Journées des Jeunes Chercheurs, in English: the Young Researchers Day)
  • organizing student seminars at least once a month
  • ... and preparing other projects!

The AJC is also an important player of the social life of the marine station, that is united during multiple events:

  • welcome parties for newcomers
  • "crêpes" party, "wizz" party (fancy-dress party), Halloween party...
  • sales of  the Station clothes and goodies

The association helps spreading science in the world, in particular by making small workshops during the French Fête de la Science.

Finally, the AJC wants to serve a a support for the young (and less young) researchers, newly arrived or not:

  • equipment renting (sound system, spots...)
  • bike renting (week, month)
  • Stand Up Paddle renting


Monthly program

Passed months