Created 12/07/2015 Updated 10/02/2017

The Roscoff Station hosts more than 25 training courses of french and foreign universities who comes to Roscoff to study the marine biodiversity.

Teaching laboratories are available for students and their instructors.
At the request of course instructors, the Roscoff Station Marine Operations & Services Department can collect species of marine flora and fauna from the shore or at sea.

Capacity of the practical laboratories from 18 to 32 seats All three teaching laboratories dispose of running seawater and are equipped with : lab benches stereo-microscope and microscope with camera whiteboard, video projector and projection screen Aquariums (air pump tubes,....) One stereo-microscope for each student and one microscope for every two students Common consumables and materials To go on the field : material for collecting organisms on the shore is provided (buckets, spades, nets, etc.). . Wireless connection

Contact to prepare your course

Hosted research and education service Coordinator : Cécile Cabresin Telephone: (+33) (0)2 98 29 23 16

Teaching laboratories
11 € / day / student

Accommodation fees for universities

- Student - single or double room, including breakfast: 16,50 € per night
- Instructor - single room, including breakfast: 36 € /per night
- Meals: 6.70 € per person