Created 13/07/2015 Updated 10/02/2017

Genomics and post-genomics have made spectacular progress, so much so that it is now possible to think of living organisms as networked systems and each component — genome, transcripts, proteins, metabolic products — can now be studied in depth. These developments in systems biology will probably have a profound influence on our way of thinking about biology.

To meet the challenges posed by systems biology, the Roscoff Station has set up several Core Facilities open to the scientific community. The Roscoff Station thereby offers the possibility of an integrative approach to study an organism, its genome and its metabolome — all at a single location.

At these Core Facilities, the Roscoff Station provides all the necessary equipment and human resources for investigators to carry out studies involving genomics (sequencing, genotyping), transcriptomics, proteomics, optical and electron imaging, crystallography and metabolic profiling.

This series of platforms at the Roscoff Station are open to the French and international scientific community. The genomics and bioinformatics facilities are part of the western France core facilities network Biogenouest, and as such are identified in the French national life, health and agricultural sciences infrastructure network IBiSA



To access these platforms, you should fill in the online form EMBRC France dedicated to your request for access.
Then the Technical Officers of each core facility will discuss your scientific project with you and define the conditions of access.

The bioinformatics and genomics facilities are in the process have implemented a ISO 9001 quality management system.
The imaging facility is in the process of developing and implementing a ISO 9001 quality management system.