Created 14/07/2015 Updated 27/04/2020

The Genomics Core Facility (GENOMER) is part of the Scientific Support Services at the Roscoff Station. T

Organisation de la plateforme

The Genomics Core Facility (GENOMER)  is also one of the Biogenouest Genomics platforms. Biogenouest aims to provide the scientific community with the necessary tools to complete sequencing and / or genotyping projects in small, medium, and high throughput  in marine, agricultural and health sciences. Since 2011 Biogenouest Genomics is labeled IBiSA

The technical staff of the Genomics Core Facility is in charge of ensuring proper operation of Facility equipment, organizing the Facility activities and training and providing support for investigators who use the Facility.

Since early 2013, GENOMER is ISO9001: 2008 certified , within Biogenouest Genomics. . As it promotes user confidence, the quality standard is part of the general policy of the Roscoff Station’s trustee institutes (INRA, CNRS, INSERM, etc.). Furthermore, implementing this standard is part of meeting the quality-assurance requirements for recognition in official infrastructures (IBiSA, etc.).

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