Created 08/03/2018 Updated 30/04/2018
08 Mar
Call for postdoctoral position in marine biology

In situ measurements of the productivity of large macroalgae (kelps)

We are looking for a young PhD holder to elaborate an in situ device for measuring the metabolism (primary production, respiration) of large macroalgae (e.g., kelps). The objective is to measure productivity on intact, uncut individuals of different sizes and ages. The team (UMR 7144, team EFEB: Ecogéochimie & Fonctionnement des Ecosystèmes Benthiques) is working for more than 10 years on the productivity of intertidal and subtidal macroalgae-dominated communities and has already deployed devices for in situ measurements. Moreover, the observation platform of the Station Biologique de Roscoff is monitoring these communities and their canopies.

Candidates should have obtained their PhD in biological oceanography, marine ecology or equivalent outside Brittany and outside Sorbonne Université (formerly Université Pierre & Marie Curie). They should have some experience on the ecology or the physiology of macroalgae, and some field expertise (sampling, installation of field sensors). A professional diving certification would be appreciated but is not mandatory.

Duration of the postdoctoral position is 18 months and should start as soon as possible

Candidates should apply before 2018.04.30 by providing a one-page letter of interest explaining his/her background, an updated CV, a copy of the last academic degree and 2 letters of recommendation to Prof. Dominique Davoult at