Created 13/07/2015 Updated 28/09/2018

The platform offers different ways of working from collaboration to service delivery

  • Targeted analyzes: Research of specific metabolites.

The comparison of the spectra can be done either in relation to standards present in the laboratory or in relation to the databases. For example, we perform analyzes of amino acids, fatty acids, sterols ...

  • Non- targeted analyzes: Several different strains or a control strain can be compared with respect to several treatment conditions.

Then by statistical analysis, we note the m/z ratios of interest that can be broken down into MS2 for more information. Thanks to the correlation of the spectra with our standards present in the laboratory, the databases or with the exact masses, we can respectively determine a structure, propose a supposed structure or finally propose a rough formula. Optimization of the operating modes for your specific matrix.

  • Made available and training: Made available of experimental park and preparation rooms. Training and support in the use of equipment.

Types of sample

Here are the different types of samples the platform can process:

  • Liquid : supernatant, seawater...
  • Solid : lyophilized;
  • Living: cellular and bacterial pellet,

Amino Acid, Fatty Acid, Sterol, Oxylipin...


  • Determination of carbon and nitrogen isotope ratios (15N, 13C)
  • Measurement of nitrogen and carbon content and their ratio (%N, %C, C/N):
    • for example — particulate organic matter (POM)

0.8 to 1.2 mg are needed for animal tissues
1.5 to 1.8 mg for other source