Created 13/07/2015 Updated 07/06/2018

The Crystallography platfrom is part of the Scientific Support Services at the Roscoff Station and belongs to the CNRS service unit FR2424.

The crystallography platform is divided into two departments. The first concerns crystallogenesis. The second part concerns diffraction, the determination of 3D structures and their refinement.

This platform is a privileged access structure for the teams of the Roscoff Biological Station, but also open to external teams.

Its primary mission is to follow and supervise the realization of projects requiring the approach of BioCristallographie, in particular within the station, by defining the modalities of collaboration with the partners. These include:

  • to evaluate the feasibility (time, cost, etc.) of the projects presented and to set priorities;
  • define the means to be implemented;
  • supervise the realization of projects;
  • train and follow users in crystallogenesis and crystallography;
  • ensure the proper functioning of the equipment park

A procedure for  quality management system is being developed.