Created 09/07/2015 Updated 10/02/2017

- CNRS Research Federation FR2424
- Internal School of the Pierre and Marie Curie University (EI 937)
- INSU Ocean Observatory

Director : Bernard Kloareg

UMR7227 - Research Departmen "Integrative Biology of Marine Models Laboratory"
Director:  Catherine Boyen
Operated by : UPMC / CNRS (INSB)

UMR7144 - Research Department  "Adaptation and Diversity in the Marine Environment"
Director : François Lallier
Operated by : UPMC / CNRS (INEE)

UMI - Research Department "Evolutionary Biology and Ecology of Algae"
Director: Myriam Valero
Operated by : UPMC / CNRS

USR 3151 - Research Departement "Protein Phosphorylation and Human Diseases"
Director  : Sandrine Ruchaud
Operated by : CNRS (INSB)