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My research interests are focused on the extracellular matrices (ECMs) or cell walls of marine macroalgae, in relation to their composition, biological functions and biosynthesis. Brown algae are my main current models. I aim to gain an exhaustive view of the components of the ECM and to explore their interactions. I study their roles in relation to different physiological responses like embryogenesis, early development or salinity variations. I explore their corresponding biosynthetic pathways through the study of candidate genes and their functional validation by the characterisation of native and/or recombinant enzymes.


I use a variety of approaches with: the extraction and purification of glycans, imaging studies combined with immunohistochemistry techniques using dedicated in-house antibodies, high throughput techniques for profiling, as well as organelle isolation and heterologous expression of proteins in prokaryotic and eukaryotic systems.



I am coordinating a collaborative project funded by the French ANR agency and entitled BrownSugar (2020-2024). We aim to provide a better understanding of the biosynthesis of the extracellular matrix in brown algae by examining corresponding glycosyltransferases, from gene identification to protein expression, purification and biochemical characterization.




We maintain the cell lines producing the Brown Algal Monoclonal (BAM) antibodies against sulfated fucans (BAM1-4) and alginates (BAM6-11).
Our monoclonal antibodies are available for use through SeaProbes.



Ahlem Bouguerba (PhD student)
Lisa Mazéas (PhD student)
Murielle Jam (lab technician)

former -Delphine Duffieux (lab technician)
former -Amandine Siméon (PhD student)
former -Kevin Hardouin (post-doctoral fellow)
former -Sonia Kridi (lab technician)

last update: 12/10/2021





For a more detailed list, see ORCID: 0000-0001-6649-8137

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