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I am a research associate at the CNRS since 2011. My main research interest lies in understanding the implication of viruses for ocean functioning and evolution. To tackle this question, we develop an integrative strategy from the molecule to the ecosystems. Besides this fundamental research, we also explore the potential of viruses to control infectious disease in marine organisms through phage therapy approaches.

Main scientific interest

  • Virus ecology, diversity, evolution
  • Microbes interactions
  • Marine ecosystems ecology
  • Carbon biogeochemical cycle


Current students and postdocs

  • Laure Arsenieff, PhD student, Parasite network associated to diatoms in the Western English Channel
  • Pei Ge, postdoc, Comparative proteomics of marine algal viruses (prasinoviruses)
  • Pierre-Yves Mocaer, master student, exploration of virus associated depolymerases


Main current research projects

  • ANR JCJC « CALYPSO » : Ecological and biogeochemical implications of the glycosidases bound to marine viruses (2015 – 2019, PI :A-C Baudoux)
  • CG20 “DYNAMO” : Interactions durables et contrôle des blooms et successions de diatomées en Manche Occidentale (2015 – 2018, PIs : A-C Baudoux, N. Simon)
  • SADv2  « PATHOGEN » : Molecular Interactions between marine prasinoviruses and their hosts using emerging omics approaches (2014 - 2016, PI :A-C Baudoux)
  • Fondation TOTAL “PATRICIA” : le paradoxe viral dans les écosystemes coralliens : le cas de la Baie de Nha Trang (Vietnam) (2015 - 2017, PI: Y. Bettarel)
  • ANR Blanc « REVIREC »: Resistance to prasinoviruses analysed by transcriptomics and recombination (2012-2016, PI: N. Grimsley)




Diversity of marine viruses

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Host-virus dynamics at different scales

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Ecological and evolutionary implications of marine viruses

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