Research engineer



David Goudenège is in charge of bioinformatics related to different omics data (metagenomics, metaviromics) used to highlight the complex eco-evolutionary dynamics of environmental pathogens and to explore disease emergence and virulence mechanisms. Having acquired substantial background and experience in comparative genomic, phylogenomic and NGS data analysis, his work consists in using and/or developing in silico tools and pipelines.



2021              Bioinformatic research engineer, IFREMER, Marine station of Sorbonne University,Roscoff (France).

2014-2021   Bioinformatician in clinical and research genetics at Angers University Hospital Centre (France).

2011-2014   Postdoctoral research fellow with Dr Frédérique Le Roux,  Marine station of Sorbonne University,
                        Roscoff (France). ResearchProject: "Bioinformatic to study the emergence of marine invertebrate
                        pathogens in Vibrio  populations". 

2007-2011   Ph.D. degree (Bioinformatic) with Dr Frédérique Barloy-Hubler, Rennes 1 University (France).
                        Title: Subcellular protein localization in silico prediction in prokaryotes.

2005-2007   Master 2 degree (Bioinformatic), Nantes University (France)

1999-2004   Master 1 degree (Population and Ecosytem Biology), La Réunion University (France)



2016 to 2021- Bioinformatic, DUT 2, IUT Angers





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