Senior researcher CNRS

deputy director of LBI2M

Research focus : Structural Glycobiology

Although glycobiology is attracting the interest of many researchers since several decades, it remains an underexplored domain. One of the main reasons why the analyses of carbohydrates stay complex and time consuming, compared to the 3 other major families of biological macromolecules, is the fact that there exists no equivalent to methods such as gene or protein sequencing or gene synthesis, methods which allowed a tremendous acceleration in the domains of molecular biology and genomics these past thirty years. 

Within this context, I rapidly focused my research interest towards the complexity of carbohydrates, and especially towards the enzymes and proteins that interact with carbohydrates, called CAZymes. Since more than twenty years now, I investigate the structure and biochemistry of glycoside hydrolases to elucidate their structure-function relationship.  In particular, I am interested in determining the structural factors that govern enzymatic mechanisms and substrate specificities, because these enzymes, once their detailed biochemical characteristics are defined,  represent precious tools to enhance our knowledge about the nature, structure and role of carbohydrates in all biological processes of life.

Today, the focus of the research work I am developping is about the identification and characterization of enzymes and other proteins involved in marine polysaccharide metabolism, most often starting from  hypothetical proteins or proteins of unknown function.




(selection of publications)

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