Karine Cahier participate in isolation, culture and storage of vibrios and phages collections. She assure host-phage cross-infections, DNA extractions for genomic sequencing, experimental oysters infections and in vitro competition experiments. She also perform phage infection dynamics studies under different in vitro conditions mutagenizis cloning.



2021              Technician (molecular microbiology), IFREMER, Marine station of Sorbonne University, Roscoff (France).

2017-2021   Assistant engineer in chemical analysis for the Biopolymers, Interactions and Assemblies unit (BIA),
                        INRAE UR1268, Nantes (France)

2013-2016   Assistant engineer in mass spectrometry for the METABOMER platform en spectrométrie de masse
                        sur la plateforme METABOMER, Marine station of Sorbonne University, Roscoff (France).

2012              Bachelor internship, Biomolecules Integrative Analysis Platform, Physiology of Reproduction and
                        Behavior unit, INRA UMR 0085, Tours (France)

2012              Bachelor degree in Biotechnology (molecular biology), University of Pau and Pays de l'Adour (France)

2011              Higher Technician Certificate in Medical Biology Analysis, Marmoutier Institute, Tours (France)