Created 05/11/2015 Updated 10/02/2017
09 Nov
Station Biologique de Roscoff - Salle de conférence
EU Newfelpro project „MARSUPIAL“ “Mollusk larval shell ultrastructure and proteomics: integrating analytical tools”

Station Biologique de Roscoff / 13H30 / Conference room

Dr.Davorin Medaković,

The main objective of Marsupial project is to explore and describe the fabrication of the mollusk shell during embryos and the larval development, in a set of selected mollusks, including marine bivalves and gastropods (oysters, Ostrea edulis and Crassostrea gigas; mussels, Mytilus edulis M. galloprovincialis; gastropods, Aplysia punctata and A.californica), and terrestrial gastropods (land snails, Helix aspersa and H.pomatia). Ultimately, goal will be to propose a general model of larval shell formation in mollusks and to provide a platform for subsequent studies on the impact of ocean acidification on mollusk shell calcification.

To this aim, two approaches will be used: ultrastructural and molecular. The first approach will allow a precise description of the different steps of formation of the larval shell. Another point is to understand how the shell microstructures are set up, by observing at different growth stages the microstructures of the larval shell on transverse sections.

This ultrastructural work would only be descriptive if it was not combined with a molecular approach, the aim of which is to correlate the expression of protein markers with transition steps in the larval shell development. It will be of particular significance the expression of key-enzymes, such as carbonic anhydrase, alkaline phosphatase, tyrosinase, and the expression of specific shell matrix proteins. This approach will be tackled by proteomics, combined with immuno-histological localization.

In this talk collaboration with scientists from CNRS-UPMC, Biological Station in Roscoff, in production of the embryos and larval stages of mussels Mytilus edulis under EMBRC France project: CAPRA “Carbonic Anhydrase and Protein Activity” will be presented.