Created 02/07/2015 Updated 10/02/2016
03 Jul
Station Biologique de Roscoff - Salle de conférence

Luis Pedro Coelho



I present an analysis of 243 metagenomes collected by the TARA Oceans projects. These metagenomes sum to over 7 Terabasepairs from 68 stations covering all non-Artic ocean basins at three depths (surface, deep chlorophyll maximum, and mesopelagic). From this dataset in conjunction with publicly available data, we have assembled gene catalog comprised of 40 million non-redundant genes, the majority of which had not been previously available. When considering only the prokaryotic-enriched fraction, we determined that structure was, as expected, mainly determined by depth (particularly, photic vs non-photic). Within the photic zone, temperature was the main determinant of community structure). When analysing the data at the level orthologous groups (OGs), we observed that the majority of the gene abundance stems from a small number of core OGs (i.e., OGs present in every sample), which surprisingly is shared with the core of the human gut microbiome, a very different environment.

About Dr Coelho:

Luis Pedro Coelho is a postdoctoral researcher in Peer Bork's group at
the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL). He has a PhD from
Carnegie Mellon University where he worked under the supervision of
Prof. Bob Murphy. He currently works on the analysis of microbial
communities in different environments,

such as the marine environment
or the human gut
using computational methods, namely metagenomic analysis
and fluorescence microscopy analysis