Camille Poitrimol

Scientific Interests

Vent faunal distribution and biodiversity partitioning in a fragmented ridge system: the West Pacific back-arc basins.

My project aims at studying the structure of hydrothermal vent faunal biodiversity at a broad range of spatial scales in the West Pacific back-arc basins and understanding the factors that control this biodiversity (i.e. connectivity, geological settings, physico-chemical environment). Thus, I am focusing on two types of communities characteristic of these areas: mussel beds of Bathymodiolus and gastropod assemblages dominated by Ifremeria and Alviniconcha. I will characterize the species assemblages by combining a classical morphological approach and a barcoding approach to detect possible cryptic species. I will use novative uni- and multivariate analyses to compare biodiversity components within a basin and between basins and to describe their relationships to measured environmental data. In addition I will also study some characterstics of population dynamics (reproduction and size-structure) of dominant gastropod taxa using gonad histology and classical microscopy and analyze their variations in relation to environmental conditions.



2019 – Current: ED 227 PhD in benthic ecology within EDYCO, Station Biologique de Roscoff and EEP/LEP Ifremer of Brest.

2016 – 2018: MSc in Oceanography and Marine Environments at Sorbonne University, Paris.

2013 – 2016: BSc in Marine Biology at La Rochelle University.


2019: 2 month, CHUBACARC Cruise (leg 1 and 2), West Pacific back-arc basins.

2018: 6 month Master’s thesis within DYNECO Ifremer, Brest. The latitudinal gradient of functional diversity: a case study of macrofauna associated with Sabellaria alveolata (L.) Reefs.

2017: 2 month Master’s degree internship at the Station biologique de Roscoff. Spatio-temporal variability of a fine sands macrobenthic community exposed to granula extraction.

2016: 5 weeks Bachelor internship in the LIttoral, ENvironment and Societies lab (LIENSs), La Rochelle. Characterization of mitochondrial inheritance mode in the tellinid bivalve Limecola balthica.



Pante E., Poitrimol C., Saunier A., Becquet V. and Garcia P. (2017). Putative sex-linked heteroplasmy in the tellinid bivalve Limecola balthica (Linnaeus, 1758). Journal of Molluscan Studies, 83(2), 226-228.