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Members of the Roscoff Culture Collection (CRBM, FR2424)

Master students


  • Alexandre Epinoux, Master 2 intership - Pierre et Marie Curie University, Master SDUEE
    Supervisors: Laure Arsenieff, Nathalie Simon
    Title: Caractérisation de pathogènes associés aux diatomées dominantes en Manche Occidentale
    Diatoms, which are a major group of the phytoplankton, produce 35 to 75 % of the marine primary production and play a major role within coastal ecosystems. In these ecosystems, diatoms use to bloom seasonaly during spring and their grow is crucial for the rest of the trophic network. The objectif of this internship is to characterize several eukaryotic parasites associated to most abundant diatom genera of the western Channel (in particular Guinardia, Minidiscus, Skeletonema and Thalassiosira), in order to better understanding their bloom regulation.
  • Mathilde Scheifler, Master 2 internship - Systématique, Evolution et Paléotolongie, Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle
    Supervisors : Laure Guillou, Yves Desdevise
    Title : Cospeciation wihtin symbiotic dinoflagellates (from mutualistic to parasite)
    Dinoflagellates are involved in multiple symbioses, either as a parasite, mutualistic symbiont, or as host. They interact with a large host/symbiont spectra, from unciellular organisms to metazoan. Based on informations extracted from the Aquasymbio website, eventual cospeciation withing dinoflagellates and their mutliple partners will be studied.


  • Tatiana Linhart - M2 Océano UPMC , Projet ANR IMPEKAB (co-supervision Fabrice Not et Christophe Six)
    Temperature sensitivity of symbionts of radiolarians.
  • Constance Choquel - M1 Université de Rennes (co-supervision Fabrice Not and Ian Probert)
    Diversity of symbiotic micro-algae
  • Pierre Yves Mocaer, M2, Anne-Claire, project ANR CALYPSO
    Exploration of EPS degrading enzymes in marine viruses
  • Jeremy Szymczak L3: licence sciences du vivant, option microbiologie et nutrition des plantes et adaptation au milieu. Université de Strasbourg, Projet ANR HAPAR, Laure
    Cultivation of dinoflagellates parasites
  • Florian Freytet M2 Océano UPMC, codirection between L. Guillou & Peter van Dassow
    Syndiniales in anoxic waters
  • Cuong NGO Manh. Master 1 Environnement – Sciences pour les Défis de l’Environnement à l’Ecole Polytechnique. Projet ANR HAPAR, Laure Guillou.
    Intra- and inter- specificvariability of parasites of dinoflagellates


Past members of the team

Post-Doctoral fellows

Thesis students

Research assistants

  • Latimier Marie AI (19/03/15-18/09/15) - now at IFREMER
  • Le Roy Valérian AI (15/11/2014- aout 2015) - now at IFREMER
  • Loïc Jacquemot (2015-2016)
  • Delphine Serpin (2015-2016) - now at IFREMER


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