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05 juin
La 13ème édition du Summer Cousrse Marine Ecological & Environmental Genomics (MEEG) aura lieu du 5 au 16 juin 2017 à la StatIon Biologique de Roscoff (France). Date limite d'inscription 3 avril 2017

This year EuroMarine, the European marine science network and the EMBRC-France consortium in partnership with the Station Biolo­gique de Roscoff welcome you.

The course, which consists of lectures, tutorials and computer based exercises, aims to high­light the crucial role of marine genomics for the understanding of the marine environment and for a sustainable use of its resources. Advanced PhD students and junior post-docs are encouraged to apply.


The deadline for application is April 3rd 2017.


Nic Blouin, U Rhode Island, USA

Jonas Collén, SB-Roscoff, FR

Matthias Obst, U Gothenburg, SE

Nathalie Turque, EMBRC-France, FR

Daniel Vaulot, SB-Roscoff, FR

Filip Volckaert, U Leuven, BE