Created 09/04/2019 Updated 08/02/2021

The main activity of the ECOMAP team members (15 permanent researchers/associate professors and engineers, and about 25 postdoctoral scientists, PhD students, and fixed-term engineers/technicians) focuses on studying the diversity, ecology, and evolution of marine plankton organisms, including viruses, prokaryotes and eukaryotes across various taxonomic and ecosystemic scales.

Despite their impact on a planetary scale, we still know relatively little about the composition of many of these microbial communities and even less about how they interact, function at the ecosystem level and adapt to ecological niches. Relevant open questions addressed by the ECOMAP team focus on the identification of drivers explaining the distribution and interactions of these communities and how they will adapt and evolve in a rapidly changing world.

Research in the ECOMAP team investigates the structure and dynamics of planktonic communities, their symbiotic associations with microalgae, and their adaptation and acclimation to the marine environment and is closely linked to education and public outreach activities.

We are always seeking for talented students, postdocs and staff members.
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