Assistant Engineer in Molecular Microbiology of Marine Plankton since 2008

ECOMAP Team - UMR7144
N° ORCID : 0000-0003-2256-8986
Parasitism, Molecular Microbiology, Sampling



Eucaryotic parasites & Virus

Microbiology : Single-cell isolation & cultures, eucaryotic parasites of microalgae collection, crossed infection, flow cytometry, PAM fuorimetry, protocols development

Molecular Biology : DNA / RNA extraction (cultures, environnemental samples, single cell), PCR, RT-PCR, cloning, QPCR, sequencing (Sanger, Illumina), WGA, protocols development, material preparation for genomic / transcriptomic analyses

Sampling : Elaboration of experimental plan, Logistic (material/equipment & samples)

LIMs (Resp.UMR7144) : Lab Management of UMR7144 using LIMs (Lab Information Management System, LabCollector), manager of the comity "LabColad2m" (6 members)

Elected for Lab and FR Consil,  "Qualité Vie Travail" (welcome guide), orders management

Valorisation / Skills transfert : protocols redaction / M&M, Q-PCR & other technic training ...


Current Projects

PlanktonChange EC2CO Project (Frederic Gazeau, IMEV, 2019-2020): Impacts of global change on the composition and functioning of winter and summer plankton communities in the Mediterranean Sea.

TONGA ANR Project (Sophie Bonnet, MIO, 2018-2021): Shallow hydroThermal sOurces of trace elemeNts: potential impacts on biological productivity and the bioloGicAl carbon pump.

PEACETIME Project (Anne-Claire Baudoux, 2017): Study of the impact of dust deposits (from the Sahara) on viral diversity in the Mediterranean Sea.

EMBRC Project (Laure Guillou, 2018-2019): Isolation of parasites in Villefranche-sur-Mer Bay.

X Life SEAgOInG Project (Laure Guillou and Johan Decelle, CEA Grenoble, 2018-2019) :  SymbiosE plAncton Omics ImaGerie

PRC France -Corée Project (Laure Guillou and Sunju Kim, University of Busan, Corea, 2018-2020)


Collaborations : Ifremer Brest (Marc Long, Cécile Jauzien), Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology, Jena, Germany (Marine Vallet)



  • CNRS Assistant Engineer

2018 : EMBRC - MALV-REF Project (Laure Guillou) : Towards a reference genomic database for Marine Alveolate parasites.

2017-2020: PEACETIME Project (Anne-Claire Baudoux): Study of the impact of dust deposits (from the Sahara) on viral diversity in the Mediterranean Sea.

Collaboration Frederic Gazeau (LOV, Villefranche sur Mer) & co - Minicosms experiments

Collaboration Julie Dinasquet (Scripps University, California) and Céline Ridame (LOCEAN, Paris) - Genetic Diversity 18s V4, 16s, and nifH - Metabarcoding Illumina

2017 : Collaboration Solène Geffroy PhD, Amandine Caruana (Ifremer, Nantes) - QPCR : Detection of genes of toxicity on Alexandrium.

2015-2019 : IMPEKAB ANR Project (Fabrice Not): Study of the impact of environmental changes on planktonic photosymbiosis.

2014-2019 : HAPAR ANR Project (Laure Guillou):  Paradox of being a specialist for a parasite of dinoflagellates responsible for bloom.

2016 : Collaboration Sarah Farhat PhD (Genoscope): Transciptomic analyses of Amoebophrya - Cultures in big volumes,  dynamique of infection using different hosts over time.

2016 : Collaboration Sebastian Metz PhD, IIB-INTECH Buenos Aires): Metabarcoding (Illumina)

2015 : Collaboration Andres Guttierez PostDoc (Fabrice Not): Metabarcoding on samples from the CCE LTER Campaign in California (Illumina).

2014-2015 : Colaboration Tristan Biard PhD (Fabrice Not): Study of the spatiotemporal distribution of Collodaries in the Bay of Villefranche-sur-Mer and more generally in the global oceans (Metabarcoding on the 2013-2014 seasonal series of Villefranche sur Mer (Illumina, QPCR).

2013-2014 : Macumba ANR (Laure Guillou and Fabrice Not): Characterization of planktonic organisms (symbiotic, radiolarian microalgae and eukaryotic microalgae parasites) - Study of the spatiotemporal distribution of microalgae and eukaryotic parasites in the Penzé estuary (QPCR, 454)

2013-2014 : Collaboration  Ifremer, PALMITO Project (Raffaele Siano and Khadidja Klouch PhD) : Paleoecology study of microalgae (Sampling of sediments, QPCR)

2010-2013 : PARALEX ANR (Laure Guillou): Isolation, cultivation and characterization of natural pathogens in the resilience of coastal marine ecosystems contaminated by toxic invasive microalgae (Alexandrium minutum) - Development of a protocol for harvesting strains for genomic-transcriptomic analysis - Preparation of material for 2 Genomes and Transcriptomes of the Amoebophrya parasite.

2008-2010 : AQUAPARADOX ANR (Laure Guillou and Nathalie Simon): Culture and characterization of invasive toxic microalgae (Alexandrium minutum) and other Dinoflagellates (Scrippsiella, Ceratium) and their eucaryotic parasites (Amoebophrya).

2009 : Collaboration A-L Sauvadet PhD (Laure Guillou) : Interactions between ciliates and metazoa in 2 marine contrasted environments : hydrothermales sources and anoxic sediments (DNA extraction, PCR, Sanger sequencing)



2001-2008 : Laboratory Technician - DRUG R&D, Laboratory of microbiology research (HB Drugeon et ME Juvin) : Identification of bateria strains. Development of new methods for determining antibiotic activity. Molecular research of antibiotic resistance genes.

2000 : Laboratory Technician - Lactalis R&D : Development of a metric ATP method for the quality control of dairy products.


Field Work / CRUISES

2019 : TONGA Cruise (R/V Atalante) -South Pacific: Study of the impact of hydrothermal vents contributions on viral diversity.

2019 : Busan, Corea (PRC France-Corée)

2018 - Villefranche sur Mer (EMBRC project) (R/V Sajitta & Pelagia)

2017 : PEACETIME Cruise (R/V Pourquoi pas?) - Mediterranean sea: Study of the impact of dust deposits (from the Sahara) on viral diversity in the Mediterranean Sea.

2016 - Villefranche sur Mer (Impekab project) (R/V Pelagia) : Collodaria holobionts / symbionts

2014 - Villefranche sur Mer (R/V Pelagia) : Specificity tests between Collodaria (Radiolaria) and symbionts

2014 - Naples : Isolation of Radiolaria

2013 - Morlaix Bay : Sediment Carrots: Germination of Dinoflagellate Cysts and Dating.

2009 - 2012 - Penzé Estuary (R/V Neomysis & Aurelia) : Annual monitoring of toxic species and their pathogens .




Host-parasite dynamics at different scales

  • François Blanquart, Myriam Valero, Catharina Alves-de-Souza, Aliou Dia, Frédéric Lepelletier, Estelle Bigeard, Christian Jeanthon, Christophe Destombe, Laure Guillou (2016). Evidence for parasite-mediated selection during short-lasting toxic algal blooms. In Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences Proc.R Soc.B 283:20161870

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Taxonomy/diversity of marine parasites

  • Lepelletier Frédéric, Sergey A. Karpov, Sophie Le Panse, Estelle Bigeard, Alf Skovgaard, Christian Jeanthon, Laure Guillou (2014). Parvilucifera rostrata sp. nov. (Perkinsozoa), a novel parasitoid that infects planktonic dinoflagellates. Protist. 165:31-49
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  • Laure Arsenieff, Nathalie Simon, Fabienne Rigaut-Jalabert, Florence Le Gall, Samuel Chaffron, Erwan Corre, Emmanuelle Com, Estelle Bigeard & Anne-Claire Baudoux - First Viruses Infecting the Marine Diatom Guinardia delicatula. Frontiers in Microbiology, Frontiers Media, 2019, 9, pp.3235. 

Host-Parasites Interactions / Symbioses

  • R. Cai, E. Kayal, C. Alves-De-Souza, E. Bigeard, E. Corre, et al. (2020) - Cryptic species in the parasitic Amoebophrya species complex revealed by a polyphasic approach. - Scientific Reports, volume 10, Article number: 2531, doi:10.1038/s41598-020-59524-z
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Environmental ecology

  • S. Metz, A. Lopes dos Santos, M. Berman, E. Bigeard, M. Licursi, F. Not, E. Lara, F. Unrein (2019) - Has been uploaded to ScholarOne.Diversity of photosynthetic picoeukaryotes in eutrophic shallow lakes as assessed by combining flow cytometry cell-sorting and high throughput sequencing - FEMS Microbiology Ecology, 2019 FEMSEC-18-10-0598.R1
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seminar (oral communications)

IMBeR Future Oceans, 2019 Juin 17-21 - E. Bigeard, F. Gazeau, K. Desboeufs, C. Guieu, and AC. Baudoux - Response of viruses to dust deposition in present and future ocean : Results from PEACETIME miniscosm experiments.

GDR Génomique Environnementale - Marseille - Septembre 2017 - Estelle Bigeard, Catharina Alves-de-Souza, Karen Lebret, Dominique Marie, Marine Periot, Raffaele Siano, Christian Jeanthon, Laure Guillou - Parasite-microalgae specificity during annual dinoflagellate blooms, E. Bigeard [et al.] (

E. Bigeard - Collect of Amoebophrya parasite (free-living stage) for genomic and transcriptomic analyses V.1 -

E. Bigeard, Loïc Pillet, John Burns, Fabrice Not - Collect of Collodarian (Rhizaria, Radiolaria) nuclei for genomic analyses -