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  • ANR SWINGS, 2019-2023, South West Indian Geotraces Section. Collaborator: Cédric Boulart.
  • ANR TONGA, 2018-2022, shallow hydroThermal sOurces of trace elemeNts: potential impacts on biological productivity and the bioloGicAl carbon pump.
  • LEFE MEMESTRA, 2018-2021, Methane dynamics in Marine Environments based on In Situ observations. Collaborator: Cédric Boulart.
  • BIODIVERSA PERCEBES, 2017-2020, Tools for the transition to spatial management of coastal resources: the stalked barnaclefishery in SW Europe, Collaborators: Dominique Davoult & Eric Thiébaut.
  • ICOBIO, 2017-2020, Impact du changement océanique sur la biologie des organismes calcifiants : le cas de l’ormeau européen Haliotis tuberculata, une espèce d’intérêt économique. Lead: Stéphanie Auzoux-Bordenave (UMR BOREA, UPMC MNHN, Concarneau). Collaborators : UMR BOREA Concarneau, SCEA France-Haliotis Plouguerneau, UMR AD2M Roscoff (Sophie Martin), UMR LEMAR Brest, ULB Bruxelles. Fundings:  FRB / Ministère chargé de la transition écologique et solidaire (MTES).
  • CANDYFLOSS, 2013-2017, CArbon/Nutrient DYnamics and FLuxes Of the Shelf System, Collaborator: Yann Bozec.
  • Era-Net Seas-era INVASIVES, 2013-2016, Invasive Seaweeds in rising temperatures : impact and risk assessments.
  • MARINEXUS Interreg IV A, 2010-2014, Our shared sea. Mechanisms of ecosystem change in the Western Channel.
  • eFoce, 2011-2013
  • EPOCA EU FP7 Integrated Project, 2008-2012.
  • CAIBOX, 2009, Team referent : Laure SEVIN.
  • OVIDE, 2002-2010, Documenting and understanding the variability of the circulation and water mass properties in the northern North Atlantic within the context of global change.



  • InDySEM, 2021-2023, « Influence of ecological dynamics on production and demand for marine ecosystem services. A systematic review for decision-making.». Lead: Eric Thiébaut. Post Doc: Sylvie Campagne
  • HYPERFUCUS, 2021-2022, Hyperspectral signature of an intertidal brown macroalgae: study of variability at different temporal and spatial scales. Funding: EC2CO CNRS-INSU. Partners:  UMR 8187 LOG (Wimereux). Lead: Charles Verpoorter. Collaborator: Aline Migné.
  • CocoriCO2, 2019-20.., Sustainable French shellfish farming in a world with high CO2 levels. Lead: Fabrice Pernet (IFREMER-DYNECO) & Frédéric Gazeau (CNRS-LOV). Collaborators : IFREMER, LEMAR Brest, LOV Villefranche, AD2M Roscoff (Sophie Martin & Yann Bozec), LIENSs La Rochelle, LEMAR Brest, EPOC Bordeaux, Funding: EMFF.
  • Fondation Air Liquide SMIS-4M, 2018-2020, Spectromètre de Masse In Situ pour la Mesure du Méthane en Milieu Marin. Référent : Cédric Boulart.
  • CHANEL, Chaire de Recherche – Climat, Océan et CO2, Lead: Laurent BOPP (ENS). Collaborators: UMR AD2M Roscoff (Sophie Martin & Yann Bozec). Funding: CHANEL.
  • IDEALG 'Investment for the future' type of project, 2010-2020.
  • ANR ECOTAB, 2012-2014
  • CARBORHONE, 2001-2014, Carbon Cycle in the Rhône estuary and Gulf of Lions. Lead. : Yann Bozec. MERMEX-CARBORHONE is funded by INSU (MISTRALS) and INEE.
  • EMERGENCE UPMC, 2011-2013
  • CALVI, 2009-2011, Lead. : Yann Bozec, Funding : LEFE/CYBER program (INSU)



  • AGRID, 2020-..., Amélioration des connaissances sur les alGues de RIves et leur récolte pour une gestion Durable. Partenaires Scientifiques : Dominique Davoult, Mathilde Laboulais, Fundings : European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF), French government, France Filière Pêche (FFP).
  • SAD Brittany Region FULMAR, 2018-2020, Methane flows at interfaces in marine environment. Collaborator : Cédric Boulart.
  • BIOMASSE ALGUES, 2016-2019, Collaborator : Dominique Davoult, Julie Duchêne, Mathilde Laboulais, Funding : Brittany Region.
  • CHANNEL, 2013-2015, Dynamics of air-sea CO2 fluxes in the NW European shelf seas based on novel sensors, time-series, Voluntary Observing Ships, and remote sensing approaches.Lead. : Yann Bozec, Funding: INSU
  • ANR PARALEX, 2010-2014, Lead. : Laure Guillou(équipe ECOMAP)
  • CALCAO, 2010-2012 (Brittany Region - local council-)
  • CO2ARVOR, 2008-2010, Lead. : Yann Bozec, Financement : Brittany Region
  • AlgMarBio, 2011-2013



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