Marie Walde

Scientific interests

Imaging scientist studying symbiosis in marine plankton with automated 3D fluorescence microscopy and machine learning-supported image analysis.

Background in biophysics, biomedical imaging and superresolution microscopy.

I develop and apply state-of-the-art microscopy methods to study biological systems at the cellular to molecular scale. Passionate about interdisciplinary science, scientific communication and public outreach.



Professional Experience

Imaging Scientist (2017-2019) – Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine – Systems Biology Imaging Platform (Berlin, Germany); Superresolution localization microscopy, Neuroimaging

Parental Leave (2015-2016)

Research and Teaching Assistant (2010-2016) - Friedrich Schiller University Jena - Institute of Physical Chemistry (Jena, Germany); Light Microscopy



PhD in Fluorescence Microscopy & Holographic Imaging (2017) – Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technologies & Friedrich Schiller University (Jena, Germany)

Master of Research in Molecular Biophysics (2010) - King's College London - Randall Division of Cell and Molecular Biophysics (London, UK); Structured illumination microscopy, Photoswitchable proteins

Bachelor of Science in Biophysics (2009) - Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Department of Biology (Berlin, Germany)



Z. Farsi, M. Walde, A. Woehler (2020). Single synapse glutamate imaging reveals multiple levels of release mode regulation in mammalian synapses. Under review.

M. Walde, A. Jost, K. Wicker, & R. Heintzmann (2017). Engineering an achromatic Bessel beam using a phase-only spatial light modulator and an iterative Fourier transformation algorithm. Optics Communications, 383, 64–68.

A. Badgaa, R. Büchler, N. Wielsch, M. Walde, R. Heintzmann, Y. Pauchet, A. Svatos, K. Ploss & W. Boland (2015). The Green Gut: Chlorophyll Degradation in the Gut of Spodoptera littoralis. Journal of Chemical Ecology, 41(11), 965–974.

M. Walde, J. Monypenny, R. Heintzmann, G.E. Jones & S. Cox (2014). Vinculin binding angle in podosomes revealed by high resolution microscopy. PLoS ONE, 9(2).

K. Wicker, M. Walde, E. Oldewurtel, L. Hirvonen, O Mandula, S. Sindbert & R. Heintzmann (2010). Structured Illumination and Image Inversion Interferometry. Biophysical Journal, 98(3), 619a.