Directeur de recherche CNRS

Colomban de Vargas

Research Interests

Marine plankton eco-systems biology & evolution / biodiversity, ecology, and biogeography of

protists / sex, virus, symbioses & biomineralization in pelagic protists /rhizaria & haptophytes / micropaleontology & paleo-oceans /co-evolution between protistan life and the Earth system




Professional Background

High-school teacher, Public School of Geneva, Switzerland 1990-1993

Research Assistant, Department of Zoology and Animal Biology, University of Geneva 1995-2000

Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology,

Harvard University, USA 2000-2002

Research Associate, Institute of Marine & Coastal Sciences (IMCS),

Rutgers University, USA 2002

Assistant Professor (tenure track), IMCS, Rutgers University, USA 2003-2005

CNRS Researcher (CR-1), UMR 7144, Station Biologique de Roscoff (SBR), France 2006-2011

Head, ATIP team EPPO - Evolution of Plankton and PaleoOceans, CNRS, UMR7144, SBR 2006-2011

CNRS Research Director (DR-2), UMR 7144, SBR, Roscoff, France 2011-2018

Head of team EPEP - Evolution of Pelagic Ecosystems & Protists, CNRS UMR7144, SBR 2011-2018

CNRS Head of Unit (DU) TO GO-SEE - Tara Oceans – Global Ocean Systems

Ecology & Evolution, CNRS FR2022, 2018-2023



B.S. University of Geneva, Switzerland Biology 1993

M.S. University of Geneva, CH & CIRAD, FR Marine Ecology 1995

Ph.D. University of Geneva, Switzerland Molecular Eco-Evolution 2000

H.D.R. Sorbonne University Eco-systems biology 2011



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