Research engineer

Biologist specialized in genetics and genomics

Claire Daguin-Thiébaut research engineer in biology, CNRS

Position description

  • Development of molecular tools for biology, genetics and genomics of marine organisms (mollusks, crustaceans, polychaetes, tunicates, brown and red macro-algae), supporting research projects in ecology and population genetics of the DYDIV team.
  • Organisation and supervision of technical activities in the molecular lab of the team, supervision of training of users.
  • In charge of providing guidance for technological options, defining strategies for projets based on genotyping and sequencing.
  • Scientific responsible for the GENOMER platform, integrated into the Biogenouest core facility network



2002- IR CNRS in UMR7144 (EGPM team, resp. M. Valero, 2002-2008; DIVCO team depuis 2009-2018, resp. F. Viard; DYDIV team from 2019)

2001-2002 post-doc in Ester Serrao's lab, University of Algarve, Faro, Portugal

1997-2000 PhD thesis in Evolutionary Biology and Ecology, University of Montpellier (co-supervised by P. Borsa & F. Bonhomme)

1997 DEA (Master) in Evolutionary Biology and Ecology, University of Montpellier

1996 Maîtrise de Biologie des Populations et Ecosystèmes Mention Milieu Marin, University of Brest.



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