Researcher CNRS

Aurélie Chambouvet

Molecular ecologist, I am focusing on function and diversity of parasitic protists infecting metazoan hosts, in order to assess their ecological relevance and impact on ecosystem dynamics in the context of environmental change.



  • ANR JCJC PANIC (2022-26, PI: A. Chambouvet)
    Diversity and role of the pathobiome in infection by an invasive parasitic protist in clam populations, European consortium of 5 institutes
  • EC2CO-Microbien CNRS Project (2020-22, PI: A. Chambouvet)

        Ecological role of Thraustochytrids (Stramenopiles) associated to bivalve populations

  • Project "Région Bretagne" SAD (2019-21, PI: A. Chambouvet)

        Phenotypic plasticity of the exotic parasitic species Perkinsus olseni in Bay of Brest

  • ANR hosting high-level researchers (ACHN) (2016-20, PI: A. Chambouvet)

        Functional ecology of parasitic protists in benthic ecosystems, European consortium of 5            institutes



  • Diversity and ecology of aquatic parasites
  • Functional ecology of parasitic protist of metazoan hosts



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