Post Doc

I’m in post-doc with Fabrice NOT, evaluating impacts of environmental change on planktonic photosymbioses.


I’m interested in plankton-environment interactions, using system biology to decipher response to environmental changes at different scales: from genes to communities. Believing that genetic is a powerful tool to study such responses, I developped bioinformatic skills and use particularly RNA-Seq, barcoding, metagenome and metatranscriptome analysis.


My post-doc project is funded by the ANR IMPEKAB which aims at i- evaluate the sensibility of planktonic photosymbiosis to environmental changes, ii- unveil fundamental biological processes involved in the response of photosymbiosis to thermal stress across eukaryotic lineages, and iii- apply an original eco-systems biology approach to evaluate the thermal stress response of planktonic photosymbiosis in the environment.
During my post-doc I’ll focus on response of Collodarians to thermal stress. I’ll perform a stress experiment at lab and measure/analyse as well physiological (photosynthesis and respiration) as molecular response (metabolome and transcriptome). Using such a comprehensive approach, I’ll try to highlight potential candidate genes reflecting response to thermal stress so as to extend our analysis to natural ecosystems.

reseaRCH EXPEriences

Postdoctoral fellow 2016
Analysis of plankton transcriptomic response to iron injection due to island-mass effects in the Marquesas Archipelagos (TARA-Oceans study). ENS, Paris, France. Supervision: C. Bowler.
Postdoctoral fellow 2012-2015
Analysis of giruses biodiversity in metagenomic datasets from TARA-Oceans expedition (European project Micro-B3). Impacts of mesoscale turbulences and currents on plankton community. CNRS, Structural and Genomic Information lab, Marseille, France. Supervision : P. Hingamp.
Doctoral Student 2008 –2011
Molecular and phenotypic plasticity of two eucalyptus genotypes subjected to field water deficit. Supervision: C. Plomion (INRA) and J.-M. Gion (CIRAD).
Enginner 2005 - 2007
Manager of the team "Genetic resources and breeding of eucalyptus" in the Research Center on Productivity of Industrial Plantations, Pointe Noire, Rep. of Congo. Supervision : J.-M. Bouvet.


2008-2011    Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences at the University of Bordeaux I, France. Grants from CIRAD, INRA.
2004-2005    One-year postgraduate degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology (DESS) – Genetics and Biodiversity Management. University Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris VI, France
2001-2004    Master’s degree in Agricultural Sciences (Master I) – Crop protection and breeding . University of Avignon, France



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