Assistant Engineer

Stephane LOISEL

Assistant engineer: monitoring and experimentation in the marine environment on benthic flora and fauna.

research teams

UMI3614 / Evolutionary Biology and Ecology of Algae (25%)

EDYCO / Ecogeochemistry and Coastal Ecosystem Dynamics (50%)

DYDIV / Diversity Dynamics (25%)


scientific interests

- Ecogeochemistry and functioning of the benthic ecosystems.

- Diversity and connectivity in the coastal seascape.

- Evolutionary biology and ecology of algae.


position description

- Organize and implement protocols for sampling and experimentation in coastal environments.

- In situ measurements and instrumentation deployment on the field.

- Development of experimental systems.



Since 2016: Assistant engineer in geo-natural and anthropised environment studies, Roscoff Biological Station.

2012-2016: Assistant in scientific instrumentation and experimental techniques, IEES-PARIS. Topic: community diversity and ecosystem functioning (aquatic and terrestrial).