Created 24/06/2015 Updated 25/02/2017

Dispersal and its consequences on biodiversity in marine systems are central research themes addressed by the ecologists and evolutionary biologists of the DIVCO team.

  • Dispersal is one fundamental process acting on the dynamics and evolution of populations and communities. It is also a key aspect of conservation biology and management.
  • Connectivity is important to a number of topics, including demography, gene flow, colonization of new habitats, metapopulation biology, speciation.
  • Our team is interested in the role of dispersal and connectivity in ecology and evolution in the marine coastal environment. The members of our team are ecologists and population geneticists studying different aspects of dispersal in marine organisms. We study both natural or human-mediated dispersal (e.g. introduction of alien species) and its consequences at different time scales (e.g. from annual recruitment to secondary contacts).


Topic 2 - Gene flow within and between species

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Topic 3 - Dispersal and the dynamics of communities

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