Created 02/07/2015 Updated 15/02/2017

The aim of the Service d'Observation du Milieu LITtoral (SOMLIT) ( is to coordinate the observation activities in marine laboratories, along the French coastline. The Roscoff Marine Observatory has been part of this network since 1998.


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The Station Biologique de Roscoff has been a Univers Sciences Observatory since 1985.

For many years, our observatory has participated in programs aimed at answering specific scientific questions regarding the coastal ecosystem and changes in this area, in the face of increasing external forcing.

To understand the impact of global change on biogeochemical cycles, within the SOMLIT framework (CNRS), we manage a biogeochemical time series.

The sampling is carried out bimonthly at two locations, characteristic of the coastal area.

The aim of all these measurements is to better characteristic this part of the English Channel, and to establish a reference state, from which to determine the effects of climatic or/and anthropogenic forcing over long time scales.