Assistant Engineer

Jérôme Coudret

position description

  • Implementation of experimental, cultures and marine models breeding (algae and invertebrates) protocols.
  • Maintenance of experimental devices
  • In situ sampling and experimentation



Since 2012 : CNRS, Roscoff Biological Station. Assistant-engineer in the UMR 7144

2010-2012 : IRSTEA, Lyon/Villeurbanne.  Laboratory Technician - Aquatic ecotoxicology laboratory.

2005-2010 : Guadeloupe Aquarium, Pointe-à-Pitre. Technical and biological manager


AquaNis 2.0 (
Percebes (



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Ribardière A, Centanni J, Dano A, Coudret J, Daguin-Thiebaut C, Houbin C, et al. Female-biased sex ratios unrelated to Wolbachia infection in European species of the Jaera albifrons complex (marine isopods). Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 509:91-98 · October 2018.

Legrand E., Riera P., Bohner O., Derrien M., Schlicklin F., Coudret J., Martin S. 2018. Impact of ocean acidification and warming on the productivity of a rock pool community. Marine Environmental Research, 136: 78-88.