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I am an early career researcher working on microbial diversity, interactions and dynamics in marine coastal ecosystems. After completing a Ph.D. on diatom-parasite interactions in the Western English Channel, I am currently carrying out a project on phytoplankton assemblages and their seasonal dynamics in harbor areas.


  • Host-parasite interactions
  • Virus ecology
  • Microbial diversity
  • Marine ecosystem dynamics


Research experiences

  • 2019 (6 months): PhytoPort project. EDYCO Team, Station Biologique de Roscoff
    Sampling and analyses of microalgae in harbor systems
  • 2018 (3 years): Ph.D. Thesis "Control of diatom blooms by parasites in the Western English Channel". DIPO Team, Station Biologique de Roscoff
    This PhD project aimed at identifying the parasitic network involved in the control of dominant diatoms in the Western English Channel. Combining field sampling, isolation, characterization and in situ approaches, we revealed an unsuspected diversity of parasites that infect diverse diatoms, with at least three types of parasites belonging to distinct lineages: viruses, a eukaryotic parasite and algicidal bacteria.
  • 2015 (6 months): Master Thesis "Impact of the temperature on the interaction Micromonas-Prasinovirus". DIPO Team, Station Biologique de Roscoff
  • 2014 (2 months): Internship "Monitoring of Ostreopsis cf. ovata blooms in the Mediterranean Sea". Observatoire Océanologique de Villefranche sur Mer
  • 2014 (2 months): Internship "Impact of environmental dynamics in the growth process of bivalve shells from hydrothermal ecosystems: response of the Bathymodiolus thermophilus of the East-Pacific wrinkle." Laboratoire Arago (LECOB), Banyuls sur Mer
  • 2012 (2 months): Internship "Introduction to aquariology". Aquarium de Canet-en-Roussillon



2015 - 2018: Ph.D. Student - Station biologique de Roscoff - Sorbonne Université, Paris (France)
2013 - 2015: Master's Degree: Oceanography and Marine Environments - Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris (France)
2010 - 2013: Bachelor's Degree: Biology of Organisms, Populations and Ecosystems - Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse (France)



Arsenieff, L., Simon, N., Rigaut-Jalabert, F., Le Gall, F., Chaffron, S., Corre, E., Com, E., Bigeard, B., Baudoux, A.C. 2019. First viruses infecting the marine diatom Guinardia delicatula. Front. Microbiol. 9:3235

Apparition dans : Baker, N., 2017. Le royaume des virus. Carnet de sciences, la revue du CNRS. 2, 103-107

Demory, D., Arsenieff, L., Simon, N., Six, C., Rigaut-Jalabert, F., Marie, D., Ge, P., Bigeard, E., Jacquet, S., Sciandra, A., Bernard, O., Rabouille, S., Baudoux, A.C., 2017. Temperature is a key factor in Micromonas–virus interactions. ISME J. 11 (3), 601-612