Lydia White


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I am a community ecologist interested in how global environmental change is influencing coastal marine ecosystems. I like to use experimental approaches to answer questions about the factors that regulate the functioning and stability of ecological communities. There is a clear need for integrative approaches and rigorous sampling and measurement techniques within the context of Ecosystem Functioning research and development of such tools remains a priority for ecologists. I am currently developing in situ methodologies for measuring the metabolism of subtidal macroalgal-dominated communities – specifically kelps – to allow more accurate estimates of kelp forest productivity rates. We will quantify photosynthetic parameters for multiple kelp species, during different stages of their growth, in conjunction with seasonal monitoring of biomass production.



2018 – present           Post-doctoral Researcher, CNRS, Station Biologique, Roscoff, France

Development of in situ methods to measure macroalgal metabolism


2014 – 2018                PhD Marine Ecology, from Queen’s University Belfast, UK

Title: Empirical tests of biodiversity-stability relationships in coastal ecosystems


2013 – 2014                Research Assistant, University of Liverpool, UK

European Environmental Agency project ‘Development of an Operational EU Policy-Based Marine Ecosystem Service Assessment Framework’


2013                              Research Assistant, University of Liverpool, UK

EU FP7 project ‘Options for Delivering Ecosystem-Based Marine Management’



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