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French tV report


Master courses:

2h + 1 day on “bibliographic analysis” are offered as part of the Master 1 of “Microbiology” (Sorbonne Université)

2h as part of the Master 2 of “Microbiology “(Sorbonne Université-Institut Pasteur)

2h as part of the Master 2 of “Genome analysis” (Sorbonne Université-Institut Pasteur)

8h as part of the Master of “Environmental Genomics” (Sorbonne Université- Museum d’Histoire Naturelle)



Relation between science and society.

Thanks to our scientific connection with Ifremer, the excellent relationship we have with oyster farmers' unions, our involvement in Sorbonne University’s teaching our project will raise awareness on antibiotics use and eco-responsible alternatives that it is urgent to develop. Phages constitute an amazing topic to debate about basic/applied science, scientists and history as observed by F. Le Roux during “café des sciences”, “rencontre du pays de Morlaix”, Oceanopolis conference etc.

Science participative.

citizen science project : first expérience


We will organize a participative sampling in summer 2021, 22 and 23, with 5-10 students from different age and level of qualification (technician, license, master). Students will be hosted for one month close to the sampling site. They will isolate vibrio and phage every day for a month. One day/week a scientist will give a talk about his/her research project, career and life. Discussion will continue around a barbecue with the students. The students will write together a publication about their experience.