New publication: Saccharina embryo in the bright light

In Saccharina latissima, the embryo develops as a monolayered cell sheet called the lamina or the blade. Each embryo cell is easy to observe, readily distinguishable from its neighbors, and can be individually targeted. For decades, laser ablation has been used to study embryo development. Here, a protocol for cell-specific laser ablation was developed for early embryos of the brown alga S. latissima. The presented work includes: (1) the preparation of Saccharina embryos, with a description of the critical parameters, including culture conditions, (2) the laser ablation settings, and (3) the monitoring of the subsequent growth of the irradiated embryo using time-lapse microscopy. In addition, details are provided on the optimal conditions for transporting the embryos from the imaging platform back to the lab, which can profoundly affect subsequent embryo development. Algae belonging to the order Laminariales display embryogenesis patterns similar to Saccharina; this protocol can thus be easily transferred to other species in this taxon.