My project consists of studying the air-sea CO2 exchanges in costal environments at different time scales: diurnal to interannual. We rely on high-frequency data from automated buoys of opportunity located in the south western English Channel and French Mediterranean continental shelf. I apply statistical tools to analyse these signals and understand small scale phenomena. For the long term study, I rely on 10 years of data collected by the Roscoff and Villefranche-sur-mer stations (SOMLIT) to assess long-term evolution CO2 air-sea fluxes. The aim of this study is to improve forecast models of CO2 air-sea exchanges by including the high variability of coastal environments.

Research experiences

2017 - 2nd yr Master internship – Marine Chemistry team – Station biologique de Roscoff/CNRS, Roscoff, France (Supervisor : Y. Bozec)
High-frequency study of processes controlling air-sea CO2 emissions in the Western English Channel.

2016 - 2nd yr Master internship – LEMAR, IUEM, Plouzané, France (Supervisors : R. Riso, M. Waeles, B. Pernet-Coudrier, P. Nonotte)
Elementary and isotopic analysis of river water under agricultural areas.

2015 - 1st yr Master internship – Marine chemistry laboratory, IRD, Plouzané, France (Supervisor : F. Baurand)
Development of an analytical chain of dissolved oxygen by the Winkler method.

2012 - 2nd year DUT internship – Metrology and chemistry laboratory, SHOM, Brest, France (Supervisor : M. Le Menn)
Calibration and optimization of a densimeter.


Since 2017 - PhD Chemical oceanography – Marine Chemistry Team, Station biologique de Roscoff/ Sorbonne University.

2016/2017 - MSc Optimisation of experimental protocols, UBO, Brest, France.

2014/2016 - MSc Marine Chemistry, IUEM, Plouzané, France.

2013/2014 - BSc Chemistry, UBO, France.

2010/2012 - Technology degree Physical measurements, IUT de Lannion, France.



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