since January 2019

Jade Castel

Research interests


I am working on the role of the heterogeneity of the deep hydrothermal environment on the distribution and speciation mechanisms of the gastropod complex Alviniconcha spp.

The aim of this project is to understand how fragmentation and variability of hydrothermal vents have led to the formation of cryptic species.

Another challenge is to understand the adaptations (respiratory system, immune system, H2S detoxification, response ton chemical and thermal stress) of each species that allowed the colonization of a new site.


Professional experiences


Before this research project, my professional experiences were in phylogeny and cartography in the south of France (Marseille).

My PhD is part of the ANR Cerberus project (ConnEctivity and Resilience of Back-arc Basin hydrothERmal vent commUnitieS). Part of this project funded the CHUBACARC oceanographic campaign, which aims is the study of the regional diversity and the connectivity of hydrothermal settlements in the back-arc basins of the western Pacific Ocean.

Another challenge is to study the resilience of communities to mining. So I had the chance to participate to the cruise in the spring of 2019. My mission for more than a month was to collect, dissect, store and extract the DNA of all Alviniconcha's individuals recovering to the ship.