Functional diversity long-term changes of soft-bottom benthic communities in the English Channel


My PhD project focuses on the use of the not so traditional functional approach to evaluate the ecosystem response to natural and anthropogenic disturbances. Methodological aspects on the use of functional diversity in benthic ecology are also covered. For this purpose, I work on long-term datasets of soft-bottom benthic communities acquired in the Bay of Seine and the Bay of Morlaix, two sites located in the English Channel, one of the most human-impacted coastal marine zone in the world.




Bacouillard L., Baux N., Dauvin J.-C., Desroy N., Geiger K.J., Gentil F. & Thiébaut É. 2020. Long-term spatio-temporal changes of the muddy fine sand benthic community of the Bay of Seine (eastern English Channel). Mar. Env. Res., 161: 105062.  10.1016/j.marenvres.2020.105062