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Post-doctoral position available at UMR 7144 CNRS Sorbonne Université – Station Biologique de Roscoff (W/M)

Methane fluxes at marine interfaces – optimisation and deployment of an in situ mass spectrometer in marine environments

Job title: Postdoctoral Researcher (W/M)

Proposed starting date: as soon as possible before June 2019

Duration: 24 months

Deadline for application: until position is filled

Location: Roscoff, France

For further information about the post, please contact Cedric Boulart

on email


A 24-month full-time postdoctoral researcher (W/M) position in Marine Chemistry

and In Situ Chemical Sensor Development is available in the Marine Chemistry Team

of UMR 7144 CNRS Sorbonne Université at the Station Biologique de Roscoff,

France, with a starting date before June 2019.

The appointment of the Postdoc will be made according to the guidelines of

Sorbonne Université, following the general rules of French universities and the salary

will be in accordance with the University salary scale.

Job description

The Marine Chemistry Team has developed a strong expertise in climate-change

gases as well as in the development of in situ chemical sensor for oceanography.

Our major task is to constrain air–sea exchanges of GHGs (e.g. CO2 and CH4) and

their variability at various time and spatial levels in marine ecosystems.

The Team is currently developing a new research topic on the biogeochemical cycle

of CH4 that is complementary to the research on marine CO2 cycle. The main goal is

to evaluate the source/sinks of CH4 at key sites and the response of CH4 cycle to

climate change.

To address the variability of the biogeochemical processes, the Team is developing

new in situ chemical sensors that are deployed on various oceanographic platforms

(buoys, Ferrybox, CTD-rosette, ROV). We have recently acquired a new in situ mass

spectrometer that is able to measure dissolved gas concentrations at various depths

in marine environments in real time.

As part of the FULMAR project, funded by the Region Bretagne, we are seeking a

full-time postdoctoral researcher that will be responsible for the development and

the optimisation of the in situ mass spectrometer as well as the deployment and

data acquisition during oceanographic cruises. In details, the Postdoc will take in

charge :

- the optimisation of the instrument (detection limits, response time,


- the integration and the interfacing of the instrument on the oceanographic

platforms (in coordination with the engineers responsible of these platforms),

- the deployment of the instrument during oceanographic cruises,

- the data acquisition and analysis.


The candidate must hold a PhD for less than 3 years and should not have spent

more than 18 months in France during the last 3 years (between June 2015 and

June 2018). Ideally, the applicant should hold a PhD in marine chemistry, analytical

chemistry or environmental chemistry with a significant experience in instrumental

development such as in situ chemical sensors. An experience in mass spectrometry

and gas chromatography will be appreciated as well as data analysis (time-series),

programming and modelling (under R, Matlab or Python).

How to apply

Applicants should send via e-mail (in a single pdf file) their extended Curriculum

Vitae with publications list and other scientific works, professional degrees as well

as a letter of interest at: .

Additional reference letters would be appreciated.