Directeur de recherche CNRS

Susana Coelho

My main research interest lies in brown algae developmental and reproductive biology. Current research in our Group focus on the origin and evolution of the sexes in the brown algae, and on the mechanisms controlling their complex life cycles.

After a PhD in Colin Brownlee's Group at the Marine Biological Association (UK) I joined the Station Biologique de Roscoff as a EMBO Fellow, and I have been a CNRS researcher since 2007. I am currently the PI of the Algal Genetics Group together with Mark Cock. Our group has  been developing the  brown alga Ectocarpus  as a genetic model species for the brown algae. The brown algae are one of only a small number of eukaryotic groups to have evolved complex multicellularity and current work is aimed at understanding how developmental complexity evolved in this group focusing on two key developmental processes, life cycle regulation and sex determination. Find more about our research here.