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cariou SBR

Thierry Cariou

Research Engineer in marine chemistry

CNRS - FR 2424 Access to Marine Ecosystem and Ressources: Observation Service

Work experience

Chemist engineer at the Station Biologique de Roscoff (SBR), France.

  • Technical manager in the national observatory network (SOMLIT ) for the SBR lab: fortnightly samplings off Roscoff to provide biogeochemical analysis and data to the national observatory dataset. SOMLIT (Observatory Service of Coastal Environment) program have been making repeated bi-monthly observations of the hydrography, chemistry and biology of the water column at two stations off Roscoff. The aim of this network is to establish a long-term time-series, providing a normality situation, the trends and to underscore the anthropogenic or climatic forcing in coastal areas. Ten other French marine labs participate to this network.
  • Member of the national “COAST HF” network : implementation of autonomous sensors systems in coastal waters. Technical manager of the Astan buoy system
  • Quality manager for the SOMLIT program at the SBR: ISO/IEC 17 025 Standards.
  • Chemical analyst in the “Marine Chemistry” team at the Station Biologique de Roscoff (SBR).
  • Supervision of students.



1993: Master of Science in Environmental Chemistry, University of Rennes I, France.

Work skills

Analytical chemistry techniques :

  • Seawater nutriments analysis by auto-analyzers II and III in lab and on board. Participation to several national (IFREMER EIL from 2006 to 2014) and international (conducted by Aoyama in 2008-2012-2015) inter-laboratory exercises of certified reference material for nutrients in seawater.
  • Spectrophotometry : Ammonia, pH.
  • Fluorimetry: Chla, ammonia.
  • Potentiometry: Dissolved Oxygen by the Winkler method, Total Alkalinity.
  • CHN elemental compounds analyzer : POC and NOP.

Yearly participation to the national SOMLIT intercomparison to improve the analytical techniques between the labs of this network.

Oceanographical instruments :

  • Sea-Bird SBE19+ v2 profiler. Sea-Bird SBE16+ and Sea-Bird SBE39 mooring systems.
  • SAMI CO2, Sunburst LLC : pCO2 mooring instrument.

Field experiences/Oceanographic cruises

Open Ocean:

  • SEMANE: 2 cruises in 2001 and 2002 (Cadiz Gulf, N/O D’Entrecasteaux and Thalassa) : Nutrients analysis on board.
  • OVIDE: 4 cruises in 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008 (North Atlantic, N/O Thalassa and RV Maria Sylilla Merian) : Nutrients analysis on board.
  • Tests and validation for the first cruise, in 2003, of the BHO Beautemps-Beaupré: validation of the sampling and measurements system (CTD-Rosette)
  • ORCHESTRA project:  JC159 cruise, 2018 (South Atlantic 24 S, RRS James Cook): Nutrients analysis on board.
  • GO-SHIP JC 191 cruise: section A05 (North Atlantic 24 N, RRS James Cook): Nutrients analysis on board.

Coastal Ocean:

  • CO2ARVOR: 3 cruises in 2009-2010 (Biscay Gulf, N/O “Thalia” and N/O “Côtes de la Manche”) : Dissolved oxygen, nutrients analysis and CTD.
  • CARBORHONE: 4 cruises in 2011-2012 (Gulf of Lion, Mediterranean Sea. N/O Europe, N/O Tethys) : Nutrients analysis, underway pCO2 on equilibration-IR system, and CTD.
  • Fortnightly sampling cruises since 2000 (South Western Channel, off Roscoff. N/O Neomysis) : Physical, chemical and biological parameters to SOMLIT dataset ( ).


Last publications :

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