Scientist of Ifremer

Visiting scientist at Roscoff

I am researcher at Ifremer in Brest (France) since 2010 and I am hosted by the DIPO team a day per week. I study the biodiversity and ecology of protist species with a morphogenetic (cultures, microscopy, metabarcoding) approach. Species identifications and molecular ecological patterns are associated to biological and hydrological variables of the marine coastal ecosystem to depict the phenology of phytoplankton communities, species, and populations from high frequency to paleoecological time scales. My researche mainly focuses on potentially harmful species and on dinoflagellates in particular.


- Molecular ecology

- Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) dynamics

- Coastal ecology

- Specific and functional marine protist diversity

- Dinoflagellate taxonomy

- Citizen science



PALMITO: PALeoécologie des MIcroalgues TOxiques et leur adaptation aux changements de l’écosystème côtier

POHEM: Ecologie des PrOtistes HEtérotrophes du milieu marin côtier analysée par approche de Metabarcoding fonctionnel

PHENOMER: Un réseau d’observation des phénomènes d’eaux colorées pour mieux connaitre la biodiversité des microalgues



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Protist diversity:

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Phytoplankton taxonomy:

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