Benoît SERIVE Postdoctoral Marie Curie IOF Research Fellow

After a marine oriented course both during my years of education and during my experiences in various companies and laboratories, I completed my PhD in 2012 at University of Nantes (France). My last researches focused on marine pigments which exhibit activities in photodynamic therapies (Photomer program) and which get an interest for oceanography. I was recently honoured by a Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellowship with OCEANCHArCoT program (OCEAN Chemodiversity Against Cell cycle Targets). This project aims to screen marine chemodiversity from Great Barrier Reef in Australia (at The Eskitis Institute for Drug Discovery, Griffith University, Brisbane), and phytoplankton diversity from the Roscoff Culture Collection (CNRS, Station biologique de Roscoff, France).

Specifically, my research focus on:

1. High-throughput screening of marine drug-like molecules.

2. How to implement an efficient dereplication strategy from NMR fingerprint with metabolomics tools.

3. Early pharmacological evaluation of the mode of action for our leads.

Do not hesitate to contact me for further details, collaboration opportunities or student internships.