Created 23/05/2018
23 May

Title: Responses of marine algal holobionts towards environmental changes

Research Unit: Laboratory of integrative biology of marine models, UMR8227 CNRS Sorbonne Université

Location: Station Biologique de Roscoff (north coast of Brittany, France)

Starting date: ideally September 1st, 2018


Host-microbe interactions have a strong impact on host fitness and beneficial interactions are frequently based on metabolic complementarities between the organisms living together. These metabolic complementarities can be predicted in silico via the analysis of genome-scale metabolic models. The successful candidate will be working on a CNRS-funded project with two main objectives. First, to establish a laboratory holobiont model using the brown alga Ectocarpus as a host, and to predict mutualistic host-microbiome interactions based on metabolic complementarities and to test these predictions; second, to elucidate the processes that occur when the equilibrium between host and microbiome is disturbed by an increase in temperature. A detailed project description is available on request.


Contact: Simon Dittami (, Station Biologique de Roscoff, Place Georges Teissier, 29680 Roscoff, France
For application, please send a letter of motivation and a detailed curriculum vita by e-mail before June 15th 2018.




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