Hervé Rabillé

I'm currently a PhD student in the Morphogenesis of Macroalgae research group. My PhD project is focused on the cellular and molecular mechanisms of tip growth in the model brown alga Ectocarpus. Tip growth is a very common mode of cellular growth and morphogenesis in walled cell organisms, which mechanisms have been largely studied in land plants and fungi. But almost nothing has been done on other groups, especially in macroalgae. Studying tip growth in brown algae is of special interest because of their distant phylogenetic relationships with land plants and fungi, and of their particular abiotic ecosystem. Developing a new model of tip growth for brown algae will allow to test the degree of divergence or conservation in fundamental cell polarization and growth processes between the diverse plant lineages. During my PhD, I study the tip growth mechanisms using various techniques: biophysical measurements of cell wall physical properties; time-lapse microscope recording of filament growth under various treatments affecting the cell wall composition, the turgor or the cytoskeleton; immunolabelling of various cell wall or cytoskeleton components; genetic analysis of two mutants (ecballium and étoile) affected in their tip growth; analysis of gene expression in apical cell type; etc...


Present position

PhD student, Integrative Biology of Marine Models, Station Biologique de Roscoff

Research topic: Characterisation of the cellular and molecular mechanisms of tip-growth in the brown alga Ectocarpus sp.

Supervisor: Dr Bénédicte Charrier


Education and Training

Sept. 2015 - June 2016. Second year master degree: Integrative Plant Biology, Gene, Plant, Agrosystem (BioVIGPA). University of Nantes (44), FRANCE

Sept. 2013 - June 2014. First year master degree: Integrative Plant Biology. University of Poitiers, FRANCE

Sept. 2012 - June 2013. Third year bachelor degree: Biology, specialty "Plant Physioogy and Biotechnology". University of Poitiers, FRANCE

Sept. 2011 - June 2012. Second year bachelor degree: Biology, specialty "Ecology and Organismic Biology". University of Poitiers, FRANCE

Sept. 2010 - June 2011. Second  year bachelor degree: Geology. University of Poitiers, FRANCE

Sept. 2009 - June 2010. First year of intensive general program for top schools, specialty Biology, Physic, Chemistry and Earth Science, with Honour


Former research experiences

Jan. - Sept. 2015. Second year master degree internship: Phenotypic characterisation of the ecballium mutant of the brown alga Ectocarpus siliculosus
UMR 8227 Integrative Biology of Marine Models (UPMC - CNRS), Morphogenesis of Macroalgae and Marine Glycobiology research groups. Station Biologique de Roscoff, Roscoff, FRANCE
Supervisors: Dr Bénédicte Charrier and Dr Cécile Hervé

Apr. - July 2014. First year master degree internship! Toward understanding the role played by the bHLH transcription factor ZHOUPI implied in the maize (Zea mais) seed development
UMR 5667 Plant Reproduction and Development (ENS Lyon - CNRS - INRA - University Claude Bernard), SeedDev research group. Lyon, FRANCE
Supervisors: Dr Gwyneth Ingram and Dr Thomas Widiez

Apr. - June 2013. Undergraduate internship: Genetic determinism of bud burst phenology in the marine pine (Pinus pinaster)
UMR 1202 Biodiversity, Gene and Community (INRA - University Bordeaux 1), Functional Ecology and Genomic research group. Bordeaux, FRANCE.
Supervisors: Dr Jean-Marc Gion and Hélène Lagraulet (former PhD student)



French Society of Plant Biology

French Society of Developmental Biology


Participation in international conferences

Shaping Life, First international conferences of the French Developmental Biology Society. 
24 – 27 May, 2016 – Marseille, FRANCE
Poster: The Biophysic of tip-growth in the brown algae Ectocarpus siliculosus

Gen2bio - Annual Congress of the Biogenouest Network
31 March, 2016 - Saint-Brieux, FRANCE
Oral communication: Mecanic of tip growth in the brown alga Ectocarpus sp.

6th European Phycological Congress (EPC6). 
24 – 29 August, 2015 – London, UK
Poster: Characterisation of ecballium, a tip-growth mutant in the brown alga Ectocarpus sp.





2015 Grimaul, A., Gendrot, G., Chamot, S., Widiez, T.,  Rabillé, H., Gérentes, M-F., Creff, A., Thévenin, J., Dubreucq, B., Ingram, G.C., Rogowsky, P.M. and Depège-Fargeix, N. ZmZOU, an endosperm-specific basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor involved in maize seed development. The Plant Journal, 84, 574-586