Pierre-Yves Mocaër

Always willing to understand what surrounds me, I am passionate by science. I am very pleased to have joined the DIPO team as a PhD student, which plunge me litteraly into the marine world.


ANR JCJC « CALYPSO » : Ecological and biogeochemical implications of the glycosidases bound to marine viruses (2015 – 2019, PI :A-C Baudoux)

Viruses are the most abundant entities in the ocean, with concentrations between 1 and 100 billions per litre in surface waters. Although the ecological and biogeochemical significance of marine viruses is internationally acknowledged, little is known on the mechanisms that underly and regulate viral infection. My current researches focus on the role of specific enzymes bound to marine viruses, the polysaccharide depolymerases, in viral infection.  Althouh quasi-unexplored in marine viruses, these enzymes were shown to initiate viral infection in a number of virus of bacterial pathogens. Polysaccharide depolymerases are usually associated to the virus tail and they are used by viruses to penetrate the polysaccharide layer produce by the host to gain access to the primary receptors of the cell. We could thus expect that the intrinsic properties of these enzymes (life-time, substrate specificity, activity velocity) and their ability to withstand environmental changes (T, pH) directly influence the rates of viral lysis in the sea. In this context, my project aims at (1) characterizing  polysaccharide depolymerases associated to marine viruses, (2) determine how these enzymes influence the main life traits of viruses, and importantly, (3) evaluate how virus enzymes activity impact the bioavailability of polysaccharide for the marine food-web.


Research experiences

  • 2016    Engineer internship (Academic Laboratory)                                                                                                            

             Station Biologique de Roscoff - A.-C. Baudoux - CNRS/UPMC – France

  • 2015    Engineer Project (Academic Laboratory)                                                                                                                

              Biozentrum - A. Becskei - Basel - Switzerland

  • 2014    Engineer Internship (Brewery Company)                                                                                                                

             Brasserie de Bretagne/Britt – Tregunc – France                                                                 

  • 2013    Lab Technician (Academic Laboratory)                                                                                                                  

             Laboratoire Universitaire de Biodiversité et d’Ecologie Marine –Brest               

                 Technician internship (Academic Laboratory)                                                                                                      

              Laboratoire Universitaire de Biodiversité et d’Ecologie Marine –Brest     




2016-2019    PhD Student in Viral Ecology
            Station Biologique de Roscoff - CNRS/UPMC

2013-2016    Engineer's degree in Biotechnology
            Ecole Supérieure de Biotechnologie de Strasbourg       

2014-2016    Master's degree in High-Throughput in Biology
            Université de Strasbourg - Faculté des sciences de la vie     

2011-2013    Technician's degree in Bioengineering (specification: Biological and biochemical analysis)
            Université de Bretagne Occidentale - IUT de Brest