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The presence of a cardinal buoy within the proximity of the SOMLIT sampling location, has afforded the Marine Chemistry team and the Roscoff Observatory, the opportunity to install (on the buoy) an autonomous monitoring system, delivering continous data in real-time. This platform of opportunity (French Maritime aids to navigation and lighthouse Authorities) has greatly improved our knowledge of this specific coastal ecosystem.

Since 2007, in collaboration with the French “Maritime aids to navigation and lighthouse Authorities” in Brest, the marine chemistry team equipped the Astan cardinal buoy (located in the NE of the Ile de Batz) with meteorological and oceanographical sensors. The aim of this system is to complement the measurements taken within the SOMLIT framework (low frequency measurements).This equipment has been installed with the help of the INSU technical division, in Plouzané and with the operational support of the “mer & observation” service at the SBR.

The sensors :


   meteorological :                                              oceanographical :

Atmospheric temperature.                                              Sea Water temperature.

Wind : direction and speed.                                            Salinity.

Atmospheric pressure.                                                      Fluorescence. 

                                                                                                   Dissolved oxygen.         



measurement cycle : every 30 minutes.


transmission : real time, GPRS.

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installation sonde sur bouée astan