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Boeuf, D., Humily, F. Jeanthon, C. 2014. Diversity of Arctic pelagic Bacteria with an emphasis on photoheterotrophs: a review. Biogeosciences 11:3309-3322.
André, A., Quillévéré, F., Morard, R., Ujiié, Y., Escarguel, G., de Vargas, C., de Garidel-Thoron, T. Douady, C. J. 2014. SSU rDNA Divergence in Planktonic Foraminifera: Molecular Taxonomy and Biogeographic Implications. PLoS ONE 9:e104641.
Mahé, F., Rognes, T., Quince, C., de Vargas, C. Dunthorn, M. 2014. Swarm: robust and fast clustering method for amplicon-based studies. PeerJ 2:e593.
Nanjappa, D., Audic, S., Romac, S., Kooistra, W. H. C. F. Zingone, A. 2014. Assessment of Species Diversity and Distribution of an Ancient Diatom Lineage Using a DNA Metabarcoding Approach. PLoS ONE 9:e103810.
Decelle, J., Romac, S., Sasaki, E., Not, F. Mahé, F. 2014. Intracellular Diversity of the V4 and V9 Regions of the 18S rRNA in Marine Protists (Radiolarians) Assessed by High-Throughput Sequencing. PLoS ONE 9:e104297.
Chuvochina, M. S., Marie, D., Chevaillier, S., Petit, J. R., Normand, P., Alekhina, I. A. Bulat, S. A. 2011. Community Variability of Bacteria in Alpine Snow (Mont Blanc) Containing Saharan Dust Deposition and Their Snow Colonisation Potential. Microbes and Environments 26:237-247.
Lelchat, F., Cozien, J., Le Costaouec, T. g., Brandilly, C., Schmitt, S., Baudoux, A.-C., Colliec-Jouault, S. Boisset, C. 2014. Exopolysaccharide biosynthesis and biodegradation by a marine hydrothermal Alteromonas sp. strain. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 1-11. 10.1007/s00253-014-6075-y
Nguyen-Kim, H., Bouvier, T., Bouvier, C., Doan-Nhu, H., Nguyen-Ngoc, L., Rochelle-Newall, E., Baudoux, A.-C., Desnues, C., Reynaud, S., Ferrier-Pages, C. Bettarel, Y. 2014. High occurrence of viruses in the mucus layer of scleractinian corals. Environmental Microbiology Reports n/a-n/a. 10.1111/1758-2229.12185
Pulido-Villena, E., Baudoux, A. C., Obernosterer, I., Landa, M., Caparros, J., Catala, P., Georges, C., Harmand, J. Guieu, C. 2014. Microbial food web dynamics in response to a Saharan dust event: results from a mesocosm study in the oligotrophic Mediterranean Sea. Biogeosciences 11:5607-5619.
Marie, D., Rigaut-Jalabert, F. Vaulot, D. 2014. An Improved Protocol for Flow Cytometry Analysis of Phytoplankton Cultures and Natural Samples. Cytometry in press:10.1002/cyto.a.22517
Coupel, P., Matsuoka, A., Ruiz-Pino, D., Gosselin, M., Claustre, H., Marie, D., Tremblay, J. É. Babin, M. 2014. Pigment signatures of phytoplankton communities in the Beaufort Sea. Biogeosciences Discuss. 11:14489-14530.
Lepelletier, F., Karpov, S. A., Alacid, E., Le Panse, S., Bigeard, E., Garcés, E., Jeanthon, C. Guillou, L. 2014. Dinomyces arenysensis gen. et sp. nov. (Rhizophydiales, Dinomycetaceae fam. nov.), a Chytrid Infecting Marine Dinoflagellates. Protist 165:230-244
Sierra, R., Matz, M. V., Aglyamova, G., Pillet, L., Decelle, J., Not, F., de Vargas, C. Pawlowski, J. 2013. Deep relationships of Rhizaria revealed by phylogenomics: A farewell to Haeckel's Radiolaria. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 67:53-59. 10.1016/j.ympev.2012.12.011
Logares, R., Audic, S., Bass, D., Bittner, L., Boutte, C., Christen, R., Claverie, J.-M., Decelle, J., Dolan, John R., Dunthorn, M., Edvardsen, B., Gobet, A., Kooistra, Wiebe H. C. F., Mahé, F., Not, F., Ogata, H., Pawlowski, J., Pernice, Massimo C., Romac, S., Shalchian-Tabrizi, K., Simon, N., Stoeck, T., Santini, S., Siano, R., Wincker, P., Zingone, A., Richards, Thomas A., de Vargas, C. Massana, R. Patterns of Rare and Abundant Marine Microbial Eukaryotes. Current Biology 24:813-821.
Mahé, F., Rognes, T., Quince, C., de Vargas, C. Dunthorn, M. 2014. Swarm: robust and fast clustering method for amplicon-based studies. PeerJ PrePrints 2:e386v381.
Humily, F., Marie, D., Farrant, G., Partensky, F., Mazard, S., Perennou, M., Labadie, K., Aury, J. M., Wincker, P., Nicholas Segui, A., Scanlan, D. J. Garczarek, L. 2014. Use of a targeted metagenomic approach to study in situ diversity of a genomic region involved in light harvesting in marine Synechococcus. FEMS Microbial Ecology 88:231-249.
Keeling, P. J., Burki, F., Wilcox, H. M., Allam, B., Allen, E. E., Amaral-Zettler, L. A., Armbrust, E. V., Archibald, J. M., Bharti, A. K., Bell, C. J., Beszteri, B., Bidle, K. D., Cameron, C. T., Campbell, L., Caron, D. A., Cattolico, R. A., Collier, J. L., Coyne, K., Davy, S. K., Deschamps, P., Dyhrman, S. T., Edvardsen, B., Gates, R. D., Gobler, C. J., Greenwood, S. J., Guida, S. M., Jacobi, J. L., Jakobsen, K. S., James, E. R., Jenkins, B., John, U., Johnson, M. D., Juhl, A. R., Kamp, A., Katz, L. A., Kiene, R., Kudryavtsev, A., Leander, B. S., Lin, S., Lovejoy, C., Lynn, D., Marchetti, A., McManus, G., Nedelcu, A. M., Menden-Deuer, S., Miceli, C., Mock, T., Montresor, M., Moran, M. A., Murray, S., Nadathur, G., Nagai, S., Ngam, P. B., Palenik, B., Pawlowski, J., Petroni, G., Piganeau, G., Posewitz, M. C., Rengefors, K., Romano, G., Rumpho, M. E., Rynearson, T., Schilling, K. B., Schroeder, D. C., Simpson, A. G. B., Slamovits, C. H., Smith, D. R., Smith, G. J., Smith, S. R., Sosik, H. M., Stief, P., Theriot, E., Twary, S. N., Umale, P. E., Vaulot, D., Wawrik, B., Wheeler, G. L., Wilson, W. H., Xu, Y., Zingone, A. Worden, A. Z. 2014. The Marine Microbial Eukaryote Transcriptome Sequencing Project (MMETSP): Illuminating the Functional Diversity of Eukaryotic Life in the Oceans through Transcriptome Sequencing. PLoS Biol 12:e1001889.
Chambouvet, A., Berney, C., Romac, S., Audic, S., Maguire, F., De Vargas, C. Richards, T. 2014. Diverse molecular signatures for ribosomally 'active' Perkinsea in marine sediments. BMC Microbiology 14:110.
Probert, I., Siano, R., Poirier, C., Decelle, J., Biard, T., Tuji, A., Suzuki, N. Not, F. 2014. Brandtodinium gen. nov. and B. nutricula comb. Nov. (Dinophyceae), a dinoflagellate commonly found in symbiosis with polycystine radiolarians. Journal of Phycology 50:388-399.
Bellec, L., Clerissi, C., Edern, R., Foulon, E., Simon, N., Grimsley, N. Desdevises, Y. 2014. Cophylogenetic interactions between marine viruses and eukaryotic picophytoplankton. Bmc Evolutionary Biology 14:59.
Massana, R., del Campo, J., Sieracki, M. E., Audic, S. Logares, R. 2014. Exploring the uncultured microeukaryote majority in the oceans: reevaluation of ribogroups within stramenopiles. ISME Journal 8:854-866.
Bendif, E. M., Probert, I., Carmichael, M., Romac, S., Hagino, K. de Vargas, C. 2014. Genetic delineation between and within the widespread coccolithophore morpho-species Emiliania huxleyi and Gephyrocapsa oceanica (Haptophyta). Journal of Phycology 50:140-148
Dunthorn, M., Otto, J., Berger, S., Stamatakis, A., Mahé, F., Romac, S., De Vargas, C., Audic, S., consortium, B., Stock, A., Kauff, F. Stoeck, T. 2014. Placing environmental next generation sequencing amplicons from microbial eukaryotes into a phylogenetic context. Molecular Biology and Evolution in press:
Carrier, G., Garnier, M., Le Cunff, L., Bougaran, G., Probert, I., De Vargas, C., Corre, E., Cadoret, J.-P. Saint-Jean, B. 2014. Comparative Transcriptome of Wild Type and Selected Strains of the Microalgae Tisochrysis lutea Provides Insights into the Genetic Basis, Lipid Metabolism and the Life Cycle. PLoS ONE 9:e86889-e86889.
Maat, D. S., Bale, N. J., Hopmans, E. C., Baudoux, A. C., Sinninghe Damsté, J. S., Schouten, S. Brussaard, C. P. D. 2014. Acquisition of intact polar lipids from the prymnesiophyte Phaeocystis globosa by its lytic virus PgV-07T. Biogeosciences 11:185-194.
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