PICODIVa European FP5 program
Monitoring the diversity of photosynthetic picoplankton in marine waters

Sampling sites

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Cruises Mediterannean Sea
Red Sea
Arctic Ocean
Atlantic Ocean

Coastal sites

English Channel: Roscoff
Mediterranean Sea: Blanes Bay

Roscoff site PICODIV web page
Presentation of Roscoff site (Power Point )

Blanes site PICODIV web page
Presentation of Blanes site (Power Point )

North Sea: Helgoland

Helgoland site PICODIV web page
Helgoland data german web site
Presentation of Helgoland site (Power Point )


Arctic Ocean 2002

August 2002: cruise home page

Mediterranean Sea

Cruises in Catalan Sea
Presentation of Hivern 99 and 00 cruises (Power Point )
Presentation of ARO cruise - June 2000 (Power Point )

PROSOPE cruise: Fall 99

Presentation of PROSOPE cruise (Power Point )

Atlantic Ocean

April 2000: Orkney Islands

Red Sea

Red Sea data web page
Sept 2000: Presentation of Red Sea site (Power Point )

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